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Can You Gain Weight If You Skip Meals?

Can You Gain Weight If You Skip Meals?

So you think if you skip meals you can lose weight? Think again. Crash dieting may seem like a quick ticket for those who want to lose weight but what it really does is make you gain weight and worse, it damages your health.

Why We Gain Weight When We Skip Meals

The Urge to Splurge

Skipping meals is not a good way to lose weight simply because you’ll overeat at the next meal. You get so hungry that by the time meal time rolls around, you lose control and eat too much bad food. Who wants to munch on carrots when you’re starving, right? Calories pile up so what was supposed to be a 500-calorie lunch skyrockets to a 1,000-calorie dinner just because you skipped meals.


Poor Metabolism

Skipping meals leads to unhealthy changes in your metabolism. The body is programmed for survival so if you skip meals, metabolism drops up to 30% going into a kind of “sleep mode” and your body impedes burning calories as fast as it normally does (calories are saved instead in case you decide to crash diet again). Your body will get used to being inactive and it will slow to a crawl, causing significant weight gain.



Don’t Skip Meals, Eat Frequently

Sure, starving yourself can get rid of those extra pounds but the effect is only temporary. Once you start eating again, your metabolism will be in shock so you’ll be putting on more weight. Plus, you’ll feel hungry and tired easily, affecting your mood.

If you want to lose weight the right way, eat smaller meals throughout the day to maintain and increase your body’s natural metabolism. Back that up with regular exercise and you’re well on your way to losing weight.


Herbalife Products to Use

Core Products




Lose, Maintain or Gain Weight?

This chart illustrates how to make personalized choices based on your weight management goals:


Weight Maintenance after Reaching Ideal/Desired Weight

Loosing or gaining weight takes time. Maybe you’ve reached your weight goal after a few months. In the sample below, it’s a huge error to stop it quickly at the end of 6 months. Your mind and body has to be in condition so they get comfortable to the new weight for a period of time to prevent falling back to “old habits”.

Body cells die and renew every 90 days, hence it’s important to give the old cells time to be completely replaced by healthy new cells.


  • Know how much weight you have to lose.
  • Determine the length of your weight loss and weight management programme.



*Drink 3 Formula 1 Shake Nutritional Mix per day + other products in the Herbalife Weight Gain Programme.

*Drink 2 Formula 1 Shake Nutritional Mix per day + other products in the Herbalife Weight Loss Programme.

*Drink 1 Formula 1 Shake Nutritional Mix per day + other products in the Herbalife Weight Maintenance Programme.

Herbalife Formula 1


Don’t skip meals. Listen to your body. This is the best way to know when you are full and hungry so you can get rid of those flabs for good.

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