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Is It True That Fish Oil Is The Best Fat Burner?

Is It True That Fish Oil Is The Best Fat Burner?

Did you know fish oil is one of the best fat burner? This may come as a surprise to you but we are here to tell you that yes, fish oil can help you lose the fat and drop the excess pounds.

We can identify with most people. We know being in tip-top shape is very important. After all, how can you be at your best and feel great when you are carrying those unwanted fats, right? Today, we are going to guide you how to lose belly fat with fish oil.

Can You Lose Belly Fat with Fish Oil?

Absolutely. Because by nature, fish oil is fat burning and has very low volumes of calories. Fish oil increases the amount of calories that are burnt by your body. This is crucial if you want to shed off pounds and not regain it in the future.

Fish Oil Benefits for Weight Loss

Although fish oil is primarily for maintaining a healthy, beating heart, joint health and younger looking skin, fish oil also plays a huge impact in losing weight.

Why? Because it has a big effect on fat metabolism. When we incorporate fish oil into our daily meals, insulin levels become lower. Insulin is a hormone that minimizes the use of fat for energy and at the same time boosts fat storage in the presence of excess calories. This impedes the breakdown of stored fat and preparing it for use as fuel. High levels of insulin make it less possible that your body will use the stored fat as an energy source. But when we consume fish oil regularly, we become sensitive to insulin allowing more fat to be utilized for energy.

Did you know that fish oil is a very essential product for body builders to get leaner faster? The EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) - fatty acids found in fish oil reduces fat-storing enzymes while enhancing the activity of enzymes for burning fat. Thermogenesis (the number of calories the body burns as heat energy) is increased and the body becomes more apt at altering carbohydrates into energy lowering the rate of dietary carbs that end up being stored as body fat.

Sources of Fish Oil

We know fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids – essential fats we need from nutritional sources since our body cannot generate them. Check out which marine foods are rich in fish oil:



Aside from marine food, we can also get fish oil from different types of oil.



Fish Oil Supplements – An Excellent Alternative for Weight Loss

Eating foods rich in fish oil can be too costly, bland, impractical (especially if we have a busy lifestyle) and scary due to the mercury content in the fish. But, thanks to fish oil supplements, we can now get the nutrient that we need while losing weight. Fish oil supplements do not contain mercury and are easier to take as they are in soft, gel capsule forms.



Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements for Weight Management

With the help of fish oil, we can....

  • Drop Fat and Build Muscle – contains DHA that helps decrease accumulation of body fat and help build lean body mass
  • Decrease Appetite – taking fish oil supplements after eating curbs your hunger pangs as it regulates the chemical serotonin, controlling your appetite
  • Reduce Fat Storage – decreases the risk that the food you consume is stored as fat
  • Effectively Perform Diet and Weight Loss Programmes – consuming fish oil supplements supports your diet and exercise program which helps you get more effective weight loss results
Herbalife Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement – The Best Fish Oil Supplement

We know there are various fish oil supplements available today. One product we MUST try is the Herbalifeline omega 3 fish oil supplement. Why? Becauuse...

  • Herbalifeline Omega 3 is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, which is vital for getting rid of belly fats and reducing the amount of calories in the body.
  • When we add Herbalifeline Omega 3 Fish Oil to the Herbalife weight loss meal plan, we are able to reinforce the results. Now, we can say adieu to unwanted weight and salut to a healthy figure!
  • It works as fast as lightning. Once we take Herbalife omega 3, it automatically collects all the nasty stuff in the body, burning fat in an instant!
  • This is not your typical bad-tasting fish oil supplement. Herbalife omega 3 has thyme, peppermint and clove- essential oilsto freshen the aftertaste.


How Much Fish Oil Should You Take?

The amount of fish oil supplement we need depends on our diet and lifestyle. We need to take more omega 3 if we eat a huge amount of saturated fat.

Take 1 - 3 capsules three times a day preferably with meals.

Now that you know the secret to the best fat burner, stop wasting time and take fish oil to attain the body you have always wanted. We know it is worth it!

Shoot us an e-mail if you have questions. We wish you the best of luck!


Rooting for you,

~ The HSO Team ~

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