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Herbalife Xtra-Cal - What Is The Role of Calcium In Your Body?

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Herbalife Xtra-Cal - What Is The Role of Calcium In Your Body?


Why do we need calcium? What is the role of calcium in the body? What are the benefits it brings? Today, we are going to enlighten you about the importance of calcium and why we need a strong calcium supplement such as Herbalife Xtra-Cal to ensure required daily calcium consumption is achieved.

We often think of bones as a static part of the body where very tiny change occurs. But little do we know calcium flows into and out of it.


Why We Need Calcium?

What is the role of calcium? We need calcium for the development and maintenance of bones – healthy gums and teeth (where 99% of calcium in the body is stored). It is also essential for your muscles and blood clotting. There are calcium benefits for both men and women. We will tackle them separately.



Importance of Calcium to Women

  • Bone Development– Between 11-24 years old, women’s bodies are building bones. Adequate calcium will help their bones attain optimum bone density which can help defend women from osteoporosis later in life and according to some health experts, prevent PMS.
  • Menopause – Around the age of 50 (post menopause), women begin to lose more bones than they are building. Having ample calcium in the body will help decrease the amount of bone loss that occurs with menopause and aging.


Importance of Calcium to Men

Men don’t get enough calcium in their diets which can risk their health. Aside from getting strong bones and teeth and efficient muscles, men need calcium so they can cut their risk of prostate cancer.


List of Calcium Rich Foods

Aside from dairy products, you can get calcium from the following food sources:


Why People Who Work Out Need Calcium Supplements

We know for a fact that exercising helps maintain bone density, but did you know that sweating can lead to loss of calcium? Thus, it is very essential for people who exercise to get enough calcium, about 1,000 to 1,600 mg per day. This is to ensure that calcium is available for the bones to build density.

Herbalife Xtra Cal – The Best Calcium Supplement

Calcium supplements are everywhere, but one product that stands out among the rest is Herbalife Xtra-Cal Advanced. This supplement is created to help in the digestion of calciumand to support healthy aging. Xtra-cal Advanced contains a unique formula of vitamin Dand mineralsas well as herbs such as rose hip and turmeric for calcium and antioxidant support.

Herbalife Xtra-Cal comes in 3 tablets which are very easy to swallow that supply 100% of the Daily Value for calcium and vitamin D.


Proper Usage

Take 1 tablet three times a day with meals as a dietary supplement.

Note:Too much calcium is bad for the body. For women ages 19 to 50, 1,000 mg a day is ideal. For those over 50, the recommended amount is 1,200 mg a day. Men ages 19 to 50 need 1,000 mg per day, 1,000 mg per day for over 50 and 1,200 mg per day for men ages 71 and up.


The role of calcium in the body is indeed very vital. Go ahead and get your Xtra-Cal Advanced supplement now and enjoy the benefits of having a healthy body!


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