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500,000 Free Healthy & Easy Recipe Ideas

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500,000 Free Healthy & Easy Recipe Ideas

Health is wealth and what better way to ensure optimal well-being by eating a balanced and nutritious diet. But, we tend to crave for the tasty stuff, hence, our powerful magnetism to junk and sweets. Today, we introduce to you SparkRecipes.com – a website home to healthy and easy recipe ideas that are good for everyone.

We want to eat healthy and we want good food. This is why we are sharing to you one website that will keep your tummy happy and your body fit.


SparkRecipes.com – Free Recipe Website

Wondering where we find healthy and easy recipes to share with you our dearest VIP Members? Yes, you guessed it right, from SparkRecipes.com. It is a part of SparkPeople.com – America’s largest diet and healthy living website. It features almost 500,000 recipes (for free) submitted by their members to help people eat better, look better and feel better.



Awesome Features

  • Recipe Calculator

With the recipe calculator, you can create your own easy meal recipes and compute the nutritional information of a recipe. Counting calories of meals has never been easier! Plus, you can either save or share the recipe you’ve created. Cool, right?

  • Nutritional Tracker

Since SparkRecipes is connected to SparkPeople, whatever recipe you find can be added to your daily meal plan on SparkPeople’s Nutritional Tracker.

  • Recipe and Cooking Videos

If you’re the type who prefers watching videos, then there are recipe and cooking videos available that will give you healthy recipe ideas.

  • Articles, Videos and Community

Through SparkRecipes, you can gain access of expert articles and videos (through SparkPeople) which will help you with everything you need to achieve your goals to become a happier and healthier version of yourself. In addition, if you need help or support, the community panel is always there at your service.


Raving Recipe Reviews from Satisfied Readers

From their Tuna Casserole to Banana Oatmeal cookies, each one of their recipes have gained positive feedbacks from their members. Members who tried making Quinoa-Black Bean Casserole gave this recipe 4.2 of 5 stars because it tastes “Incredible!”, “Amazing!”, “Fabulous!” and “Delicious!”.

Quinoa-Black Bean Casserole


Easy-to-find Recipes

SparkRecipe’s recipe interface is so well-organized you won’t have any trouble looking for the recipe you want. Recipes are categorized into different categories such as dietary needs, meats, nuts, seafood, occasion, etc. Plus, they also have “Today’s Top Recipes”, “Cheap Clean Eats” and “Kid-friendly Meals & Snacks” sections. You won’t have any trouble finding quick healthy dinner ideas anymore!

Who Can Benefit from These Recipes?

Their recipes are intended for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle or for those who are on a weight loss journey. Don’t worry about eating bland foods just because you want to lose weight for their recipes are certified to be scrumptious without you having to worry about putting on another pound.



SparkRecipe.com is truly the best website for easy recipe ideas that will surely satisfy your hunger while keeping you fit at the same time. Go and check their website now!


Disclaimer: Healthy Shake Outlet (UK) has no affiliation with this site. We are solely sharing things we love! :)


Rooting for you,

~ The HSO Team ~

Simply Awesome.


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