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Is It Better to Eat Before Exercising or After?

Is It Better to Eat Before Exercising or After?

Eating and exercise go hand in hand. When and what you eat can affect how you perform, whether you’re a health buff or an athlete training for a competition. Here is a guide that will put an end to the question – “Is it better to eat before exercising or after?” 

Should You Eat Before Exercising or After? DO BOTH!

Don’t believe it when they tell you not to eat before working out. It’s a complete fallacy. A pre-workout meal won’t impact your performance. In fact, you need to eat before exercise so you will have the energy to maximize your exercise routines and you won’t limit your ability to burn calories.

It’s also important that you take a post-workout meal to refuel. This gives your body the building blocks used to repair muscle tissue and help the body recuperate from the exercises you did.

Healthy Eating and Exercise 

Healthy Eating and Exercise

1. Before: Fuel Up!

Eating before exercising will raise your blood sugar and keep you from feeling sluggish. It’s best to eat 2 hours before you exercise. Ideal pre-workout meals should be:

  • Low fibre
  • Low fat
  • Moderate in carbs and protein
  • Contains fluids
  • Made up of familiar, well-tolerated foods

Great Pre-workout Options Include:

  • Fat-free Yogurt and Trail Mix – easy on the tummy and the trail mix will give you the little rev your body needs. Trail mix is high in fat so a little goes a long way and oh, please avoid those little chocolates!
  • Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit – to release sugar into your bloodstream while the fruit will keep you hydrated with its water content.
  • Hydrate with water.

Note: NEVER try a new food before working out as this will give you an upset stomach. Stay away from greasy foods as well.

Don’t Have Time to Eat A Proper Meal? Eat a small snack to keep you energized. Drink a glass of coconut water or smoothie. Munch on a piece of fruit such as a banana.


2. During: Take A Quick Break

It’s very essential that you keep your body hydrated in the midst of a work out. Take small, frequent sips of water.

For a workout that’s an hour or less, you don’t have to eat during exercise. For longer, rigorous exercises eat 50-100 calories every 30 minutes of carbs such as energy bars, low-fat granola bars, bananas or raisins.


3. After: Recharge and Refuel Your Tank

  • Drink water.
  • Consume Protein – A peanut butter sandwich, whole-grain bagel and veggie omelette helps in repairing and growing your muscles.
  • Consume Carbs – Replenish the energy you’ve lost within an hour after working out. Eat a whole-wheat tuna sandwich, sweet potatoes or grilled chicken with mixed vegetables.


Herbalife – Your Fitness Partner

Whether you’re an athlete or you just like a casual workout, you increase your body’s nutritional needs when you exercise. Herbalife products help provide essential nutrients to support recovery and boost performance.

Here are some MUST-TRY products:

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1. Formula 1 Express Bar

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2. Protein Powder

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Herbalife24 F1 Sport is for everyone, especially for people always on the go but exercises to stay fit. F1 Sport is low in calories, contains vitamins, minerals and high quality dietary proteins Casein and Whey Protein and helps fight off oxidative stress. It’s a healthy meal to be taken pre or post workout.


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H24 Hydrate is a calorie-free electrolyte drink that will keep you hydrated before, during and after exercise. It helps ease fatigue as it is rich in vitamin C. The B vitamins (B1, B2, pantothenic acid and B12) and calcium and magnesium contribute to a normal energy- yielding metabolism.


Is it better to eat before or after exercise? It’s best to do both. When you feed your body well when exercising, you will feel great and become more productive!

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