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10 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight With Diet and Exercise

10 Truth Bombs Why You're Not Losing Weight - Healthy Shakes Outlet Health Blog

Regular workouts? Check! Healthier food choices? Check!.. Still, losing weight is a struggle. And while there are some healthy accomplishments achieved by your diet and fitness routine, it can be frustrating to not see the results you've wanted.

When you seem to be doing the right things but are not making progress, a list of essential factors may have been overlooked; the most common ones that stop you from getting results.

So here are a few harsh, cold truths on why you are not losing weight with diet and exercise

Time to get back on track! Time to outwit those habits that sabotage your get-fit efforts!

#1: You Think Working Out Is Enough to Slim You Down

“Exercise alone won’t help you drop the pounds.”

You may wonder why you're not losing weight on calorie deficit

Because you’re not burning as many calories as you think. Exercise burns calories but not as much (at least 400-500 calories) and burning them requires time and effort (just think of those intense workout routines most people follow). Working out alone won’t help you much if you won’t modify your diet and decrease your calorie intake. We’ve got to do this 3-part process (exercise, choose a healthy diet, lower calorie intake) if we want to lose weight.

#2: You Burn Calories and Re-Eat Them

Sure we burn calories when we exercise. But, that DOES NOT mean we can overeat or overindulge after. We are also not losing weight on low carb diet alone. We’re all guilty of thinking “It’s okay to eat 2 slices of chocolate cake since I exercised this morning.” or “I’ll have this now and exercise longer later to burn it off.”

No wonder we’re not losing any weight! We can’t eat back all the calories we’ve burned. Most often than not, we miscalculate how many calories we burned and underestimate how many calories we’re consuming. That 3-mile jog (300 calories burned) to vindicate that Chinese buffet meal (1,500+ calories) leaves you in a poor position than you recognize.

Which healthy diet is better?

Which diet would you choose to lose weight

#3: You Don’t Eat Healthy Enough and You Don't Drink Enough Water

We think we eat healthily but in reality, we’re not eating that well. No one wants to admit that their diet may not be as healthy as they think it is.

Select foods that are both healthy and seem like a treat, such as a warm bowl of corn soup topped with crispy whole-grain bread. Track your food to see how it all adds up and please re-think your eating habits and evaluate them fairly.

Does water help with weight loss? You bet! H20 helps suppress appetite so you're less likely to overeat. Also, once you've become dehydrated, your kidneys won't function properly and your body will turn to your liver for additional support. And because the liver is doing the hard work, more of the fat you consumed will be stored rather than burned.

#4: You’re Not Doing the Right Workout Routines

Exercising to lose weight is a very different thing. There are a lot of exercise routines we can do and weight-loss experts have different takes as to which one is best for losing weight. Strength training, cardio, intense training… the list can go on and on which causes a lot of confusion.

Healthy exercise program to lose weight

Here’s the truth: If you want to drop the extra pounds, you have to focus on burning calories. Cardio is the king of calorie-burning exercises so do a lot of that. Strength training is imperative as well to maintain lean muscle mass while losing weight. When combined, you get a killer workout routine that will surely make you slim down.

#5: You Lack Drive

If we want to lose weight fast, we have got to be CONSISTENT. Remember, as, in all aspects of life, consistency is the key to success. If you need to lose pounds, don’t just follow a strict diet and health program for a week then go on a feast the next week or overindulge in desserts and booze during the weekend. You will not lose weight in low carbs diet in a snap; so try to resist the temptation of overeating.

Work out and eat right as constantly as you can. Do everything in moderation. It’s okay to reward yourself or have “cheat days” from time to time. The key here is to practice portion control when it comes to treating yourself.

practice portion control to lose weight

#6: You Rely on The Scale to Track Your Progress

As said earlier, the weighing scale is an unreliable source for knowing whether we’ve lost weight or not. Save yourself the burden of beating yourself up just because you didn’t see the scale move. Clothes are good trackers. Maybe you can fit into those skinny jeans once again or you’re extra-large shirts are already too loose for you. Use a measuring tape to measure your waistline progress.

#7: You Lack Sleep

Do you get little sleep at night because you’re tossing and turning worrying about the bills you have to pay? If yes, it’s no surprise your weight loss efforts are put to waste.

Sleep is also a dominant factor influencing weight loss or weight gain. Not getting enough shuteye puts your body into a carbohydrate- and fat-craving mode as it interrupts the functioning of ghrelin and leptin – chemicals that control appetite.

Can sleeping help with losing weight

Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Make sleep a priority. An invigorated and rested body is important when it comes to weight loss as it becomes ready to burn some fat.

#8: There’s No Need to Lose More Weight 

If your body fat percentage is in the healthy range or you’re at a healthy BMI, you don’t have to drop pounds for any reason. But if you still want to lose some weight, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you may not be losing weight with diet and exercise anymore especially when you only have little body fat to lose.

To successfully trim down, you have to be even more committed and consistent in your weight loss efforts.

#9: You’re Under A Lot of Stress

When we’re stressed, a hormone known as cortisol gets released which is designed to help us during emergencies. Chronic stress can lead to raised levels of this hormone which is bad news as cortisol is often connected to weight gain, mainly around the waist. If we’re stressed, we tend to spoil ourselves by eating.

What’s the best thing we can do?

  • Find rewarding activities not related to food
  • Relax
  • Take deep breaths
  • Get a massage
  • Go for a walk
  • Meditate
  • Write in a journal
  • Talk to someone close to you
  • Exercise
Healthy exercise to lose weight fast

Exercise releases endorphins also called “happy hormones” which help you feel good, excreting cortisol from your body. Even if you may feel you don’t have enough time for leisure what with all the deadlines you have to meet, taking time every day (even just for 5 minutes) to release stress will help you feel revitalized, lets you think more clearly, and boosts your mood so you are less likely to overeat.

#10: You're Not Losing Weight Due To Medical Reasons

When you’ve religiously followed a healthy diet and fitness program yet you are still having difficulty dropping the extra pounds, the reason for this is that you may have a medical condition. The best route to take is for you to check-in with your doctor to see if any underlying conditions are stopping you from losing weight.

Losing weight may seem simple but it does not happen overnight. A lot of people have won the battle and you can as well!!!

Believe us. As long as you’re consistent, practice portion control, track, and are not afraid to ask for help, you’ll achieve the weight you’ve always wanted – slowly but surely.


Examine yourself. How many of these reasons are you guilty of?

Share with us how you plan on correcting these mistakes in the comments, you might help someone by doing so.