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Weight Loss Healthy Diet Plans: Are These Scientific?

Weight Loss Healthy Diet Plans: Are These Scientific?

We’ve all tried to diet at some point in our lives. Dropping the weight ain’t easy, especially with all the fads on diet and fitness. Discover the Scientific Truths behind these two popular Weight Loss Healthy Diet Plans so you can stop wasting your time following a diet strategy that doesn’t work.

It’s frustrating to know your diet efforts are put to waste. As you can see, most of what you believe to be true about dieting is actually wrong. Strip off those facades and get the real score now!

Diet Plan 1: You Can Lose Weight By Skipping Breakfast

Yes, you read that right! We’ve heard about eating healthy breakfast to lose weight. But there’s just one problem: A good breakfast doesn’t promise an overall healthy diet. In fact, survey shows that almost half of those people who eat breakfast are fat or overweight. Here are 2 reasons why it's perfectly fine to skip breakfast:

  • Timing isn’t as essential as you think. You don’t have to eat right away or even within an hour after waking up. Your metabolism won’t be affected.
  • When you eat an early breakfast, you’re making a bigger eating window (you eat more during the day) which can cause more fat storage and more health problems. So if you have your first meal of the day at 6 AM and eat a late-night snack at 9 PM, that’s 15 hours of eating – which might be more than your body wants.

Healthy breakfast for weight loss


Every meal is as important as the other. Your calorie intake, food selection (vegetable salad vs. greasy pizza) and the amount of food and how much time you spend eating each day are more essential factors. So skip breakfast if you want or have breakfast but be wary of what you eat to avoid consuming more calories than you need. Here's the Herbalife healthy breakfast to lose weight: 


Herbalife healthy breakfast to lose weight


Whether you decide to eat or skip breakfast, Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix is the perfect drink to answer your how to slim down fast questions. It’s rich in protein, calorie-controlled (about 220 kcal / serving) and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, it’s easy to whip up and comes in various yummy flavours that are going to satisfy your tummy while losing weight.

Diet Plan 2: Healthy Fasting To Lose Weight

Not eating at all isn’t called dieting – it’s starvation. But there’s dissimilarity between withholding what your body needs and reprogramming your body so that you can control your appetite and allow your body to rejuvenate.

Fasting isn't a crazy option as it may appear to be. We do it every night when we sleep, which is a time that is vital for optimal health. 

Healthy fasting diet

When done properly, healthy fasting can help your body burn fat, revitalize and stay healthy. Fasting can cleanse your body, help free your body of toxins, boost the functioning of your internal organs and help you age better.

The real cleanse only takes place at the cellular level called "autophagy" which makes your brain function better, helps with fat loss and even supports your aptitude to breathe and walk. So the more time spent eating, the less time spent in the autophagic process, which is why fasting isn’t a bad thing.


Those who fast even just 1 day every month are less likely to experience congested arteries. There are many ways to fast, the most important point is that you MUST NOT feel pressured to eat if you’re not hungry. Short daily fasts (for 12-16 hours) or a once a week fasting can bring health benefits and it will teach you to identify boredom from true hunger.

To help speed up your weight loss, we recommend you follow our Herbalife Meal Plan. It’s one of the most effective weight loss tricks that will help you lose weight while giving you optimal health.

Healthy shakes to lose weight

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Products needed for our specially designed Herbalife Meal Plan are:

Enhancers (optional)

These tricks to lose weight may be too unbelievable but trust us; these two surprising weight loss healthy diet plans will help you finally say, “I did it!”

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