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Find out Your Body Fat %, Caloric Intake and Ideal Weight

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Find out Your Body Fat %, Caloric Intake and Ideal Weight

When we say we want to lose weight, we actually imply that we want to lose fat. It is important for us to know our current body fat percentage before embarking on a weight loss journey, so that we can have a realistic weight loss goal (healthy range).

Measure Your Body Fat PercentageDon't be upset if your scale doesn't show you that you're losing weight despite you follow your diet plan faithfully. It could have been the water weight in your body that is causing the scale to stay the same but in reality your body fat percentage has dropped a little.

Today, we are going to learn how to calculate your body fat percentage to give you a peace of mind if your scale is lying to you again. Remember, your body fat doesn't come off as quickly as water weight, so it is better for you to measure it once a month. Also, try to weigh in and measure your body fat percentage in the morning when your body is starved and does not contain extra water and food.

Determine Your Body Fat Percentage & Minimum Caloric Intake

Now fill in the following calculator to find out your body fat percentage, minimum caloric intake and other health information.

How to Measure

  • Height - measured without shoes
  • Neck - measured below the larynx with the tape sloping slightly downward to the front.
  • Waist - (Male) measured horizontally, at the level of the navel
              - (Female) measured horizontally, at the level of minimal abdominal width
  • Hips - (Female only) measured the largest horizontal circumference around the hips
  • Weight - taken in the morning without clothes after going to the bathroom and before eating or drinking anything
Hip (Female):







Use the table below to estimate your body status:

How to lose fat - body fat percentage

Determine Your Body Fat Mass

Your body weight consists of lean body mass (fat-free mass) and body fat mass. Now let's determine your body fat mass and track how much body fat mass you have lost if this is your second or more times to do this calculations.

Calculate Total Body Fat Loss

Initial Body Fat Mass = Initial Weight x Initial Body Fat %
Current Body Fat Mass = Current Weight x Current Body Fat %

Total Body Fat Loss = Initial Body Fat Mass – Current Body Fat Mass

Female, 24 years old
Measurements on 1 March, 2012 : 55 kg, 25% body fat
Measurements on 1 April, 2012   : 52 kg, 23 % body fat

Initial Body Fat Mass = 55  kg x 25 % or 0.25 = 13.75 kg body fat
Current Body Fat Mass = 52 kg x 23 % or 0.23 = 11.96 kg body fat
Total Body Fat Loss = 13.75 kg – 11.44 kg = 1.79 kg body fat lost

Lean Body Weight Loss = Initial Weight – Current Weight – Total Body Fat Loss
                                          = 55 kg – 52 kg – 1.79 kg
                                          = 1.21 kg lean body weight lost

What Does Your Minimum Caloric Intake Tell You?

Your minimum daily calorie requirement is the calorie amount you consume to maintain weight. If you want to lose weight, be sure to consume less calories everyday or incorporate some exercise plans in your weight loss journey to cut even more calories.

How much calories you need to cut to lose weight?

Here are the 5 options you can consider. Choose one that fits your comfort level.

  • Approx 1 lb / 0.45 kg a week 
    500 calories less than your total daily calorie requirement
  • Slow but Steady
    15% calories less than your total daily calorie requirement
  • Average Speed
    20% calories less than your total daily calorie requirement
  • Moderate Speed
    25% calories less than your total daily calorie requirement
  • Aggressive
    30% calories less than your total daily calorie requirement


Determine Your Ideal Body Weight

Even though body weight can be some what inaccurate to reflect your weight loss goal, if you're still curious to know your ideal body weight, we have the formula here for you.

Determine your ideal body weight         

Ideal Body Weight = Height (cm) - 100 x m

Determine Ideal Body Weight

Female, 24 years old, 55 kg, 164 cm
Sample Ideal Body Weight = 164 – 100 x 0.8 = 51.2 kg

Your Ideal Body Weight: ______________ kg

Now you know how to determine your body fat percentage, track your body fat loss, determine your daily calorie needs to lose weight and calculate your ideal body weight, we hope that this information will help you to set a realistic weight loss goal and enjoy your weight loss journey. Good luck!


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