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Can Herbalife Cell Activator Help to Lose Weight or Gain Weight?

Can Herbalife Cell Activator Help to Lose Weight or Gain Weight?

Have you been taking shakes or eating healthily but can’t seem to achieve your weight goals? Most of the time, it’s not your fault. It probably has something to do with how effectively your body absorbs nutrients. And Herbalife Cell Activator can be the key to unlocking the mystery of why you are not getting your desired weight results.

Imagine you are working in a company where all the employees are not motivated to work, do you think the company will produce results? No right? Our body is like the company and the cells are like the workers. When the workers are being motivated, just like the cells are being activated, the company / our body is going to grow in a positive direction. And that’s how Herbalife Cell Activator comes in to help you achieve your weight loss or weight gain goals.

What Is Herbalife Cell Activator?

Herbalife Cell Activator is a special formula that improves cellular nutrition, helps your body with energy metabolism, and also protects from oxidative stress.

Here is how;

  1. According to Dr. David Heber, MD, chairman of Herbalife Nutrition and Scientific Advisory Boards, Herbalife Cell Activator aims to help cells in your body absorb nutrients*, increasing the available energy to the body*.
    In other words, this product is rich in B-Vitamins that help the body convert food into energy, this will make you feel more active with a boost in energy at the cellular level.

  2. It contains essentials minerals:
  • Manganese and Copper: help your body with normal energy metabolism
  • Zinc: helps your body with carbohydrate metabolism

It also contains Pycnogenol (a super-antioxidant) which gives defence from oxidative stress.


Herbalife Cell Activator for Your Weight Management

Herbalife cell activator is a nutritional supplement.

However, you have to note that this is not a standalone product. It is designed to work with Herbalife Nutritional Shake Mix and Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral Complex to help your body absorb all the nutrients contained in those products and to get the most out of them.

In a nutshell, this supplement can aid the body in functioning at its best at a cellular level. It helps ensure that your body's cells are set to use the necessary nutrients delivered to them such as - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and herbs for weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance.

Herbalife Cell Activator will either help you drop unnecessary pounds (lose weight), absorb nutrients more effectively (gain weight), or sustain a healthy weight (maintain weight), making it a part of the Herbalife weight management products.

Herbalife Cell Activator - Scale

How does Herbalife Cell Activator Help to Lose Weight?

The golden rule when it comes to losing weight is that you need to burn more calories than you consume.

As you cut calories, you will experience a drop in energy levels. That can easily lead you to eat more than you need and gain weight.

Herbalife Cell Activator helps to lose weight by preventing this destructive cycle; boosting an individual’s cellular energy production to make up for lost calories in support of weight loss.

You can pair it with food that helps to lose weight such as eggs, avocado, nuts, … to achieve better results.

How does Herbalife Cell Activator Help to Gain Weight?

If you have been stick-thin your whole life and can't find a way to gain weight, Herbalife cell activator is here to rescue you.

You probably thought of eating junk food as a solution. Unfortunately, that might come with health issues you do not want to create for yourself.

Now, how does Herbalife Cell Activator actually help you gain weight? It improves nutrient absorption in your body. That way you can eat more healthy food and gain weight the right way.

If you do not know where to start, check out our Herbalife weight gain programme.



Take 1 capsule three times a day.

Note: Herbalife Cell Activator already has both magnesium and potassium. Excessive consumption of any vitamin or mineral is unsafe, thus, you should first consult with your doctor for medical advice.

With Herbalife cell activator you can feel the difference it gives in your life, no matter what your age and lifestyle may be. We promise you’ll love it!

*These statements have not been verified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not designed to cure, treat or prevent any illness.


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