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How To Sleep and Get Slim at The Same Time?

  • 3 min read

How To Sleep and Get Slim at The Same Time?

Are you worried about your weight? Well now you can forget strenuous gym sessions and depressing meals. The best way to trim a flabby tummy could be to sleep on it.

Getting a good night’s sleep can help you handle stress well, repair sore muscles, restore your energy, make you feel good and curb your appetite. Here’s how sleep and slim work hand in hand in helping you get fit fast.

Why Sleep Matters

More Hours of Sleep = Lesser Feelings of Hunger

Oftentimes, food isn’t what we need for energy, its better sleep. Your appetite is controlled by proteins that turn your hunger pangs on and off. Sleep deprivation activates the proteins that turn on hunger making you feel hungrier and you’ll have a difficult time satiating those hunger pangs.




Better Sleep = More Calories Burned

Researchers say that people who have more sleep burn more calories as sleep stabilizes the balance of hormones which regulates the pace at which we burn off calories. Lack of sleep can impact normal insulin levels (which play a vital role in making sure the calories we consume are adeptly burned for energy to lose weight). When we don’t get enough z's every night, our cells become less sensitive to insulin, and instead of being burned, food calories are converted to body fat.




Better Sleep = More Activity

Notice how we feel drained when we lack sleep the night before? That’s because sleep deprivation leads to feelings of fatigue. The more exhausted we feel, the more likely we become inactive which can result to weight gain. But when we have enough sleep, we feel more energized to work out and get our butts moving.




Sleep Increases Muscle Mass

When we get adequate shut eye, the better our body’s ability to produce muscle mass. A boost in muscle mass helps in fat loss and maintenance of fat loss. Muscle cells burn more calories than a fat cell which prevents extra food calories from being converted into fat.


How to Get Better Sleep

Weight loss and sleep are correlated. Follow these tips to help you sleep like a baby:

  • Don’t eat and drink caffeine 2 to 3 hours before bed – A full stomach plus caffeine is for burning the midnight oil. Light snacks (e.g. crackers and a glass of warm milk) are okay though.
  • Establish a regular bedtime – Sleep at the same time every night and have a regular time for waking up. A bedtime ritual will also help prepare your body for sleep.
  • Exercise regularly – Working out can help you sleep better, but don’t do it close to bedtime. Exercise early in the morning or late afternoon.
  • Create a soothing atmosphere – Reserve your bedroom for sleeping. Avoid using electronics. Dim the lights. Play some soft music. Keep the room well ventilated.

With 7 to 9 hours of shut eye, you can sleep your way to slim. But remember, you need to exercise and have a proper diet as well so you can fit into those figure-hugging skinny jeans you’ve been eyeing for months. Now go to bed and sleep like a little kid!


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