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Go Vegan - Herbalife's Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss

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Go Vegan - Herbalife's Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss


So you’re a vegan and you want to lose weight using Herbalife products. Is that possible? Well, YES! It’s not hard for vegetarians to go on a vegetarian diet for weight loss using Herbalife products. We’ll show you how that is done.

First things first: Going vegan DOESN’T guarantee you’re going to lose weight. There’s a lot more to a vegetarian diet than just fruits and vegetables and if you’re NOT careful, the calories could add rapidly.


4 Types of Vegetarians

  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarian – eats eggs, dairy and honey
  • Lacto-vegetarian – eats honey and dairy products but no eggs
  • Ovo-vegetarian – eats honey and eggs, but don’t do dairy
  • Vegans – eats plant-based foods (no honey, eggs or dairy)


Advantages of Being A Vegetarian

Improved Cholesterol Levels

Plant foods can efficiently lower one’s cholesterol levels. A vegetarian diet decreases levels of LDL – “the bad cholesterol” known to block arteries.



Lower Body Weight

Vegetarians and those who go vegan put on less weight (even as they get older) than those who eat meat.


Longer Life

Diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases (commonly experienced by obese people) can decrease one’s life span and vegetarians have a much lower risk of becoming obese.



Reduced Risk of Developing Cancer and Other Diseases

A study conducted by UK researchers show that vegetarians have a lower overall risk of developing various types of cancer and other ailments as compared to meat eaters.


However, they also found out that vegetarians are more prone to colon cancer.


Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan

As mentioned earlier, those who go vegan can follow a vegetarian diet for weight loss using Herbalife products. How? BY CUTTING DOWN CARB INTAKE.

Too much carbohydrates -> Sugar
Sugar -> Excess Calories & Excess Calories = Weight Gain

So, for this weight loss diet plan to be effective, you have to watch how much carbs (e.g. bread, noodles, pasta and rice) you consume in your daily meals. Try to consume more protein, like beans, tofu and protein shake, as it will help to keep you fuller longer and help to build lean muscle to burn fat.

Remember, only with good and healthy eating habits can you lose weight and become more fit.

Herbalife Meal Plan for Vegetarians

Basic Version


Herbalife Formula 1

*Since vegetarians might be deficient in some vitamins and minerals, Formula 1 ensures that we are getting all the nutrition we need and enjoy a tasty and satisfying meal all while losing weight.

Herbalife Meal Plan (Full Version)

Click here for Step-by-step Herbalife Meal Plan


Lacto-ovo-vegetarians Can Use Most Herbalife Products Except for....

  • Fish/Krill Oil Products – Herbalifeline Omega 3 Fish Oil, Core Complex, Tri-Shield
  • Products with Bee Pollen – Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, Schizandra Plus
  • Products with Sodium Choleate (animal derived) – Thermo-Bond, Activate Fiber Complex
  • Products with Gelatin Capsules – 1000, Male Factor, Triple Berry

Note: Some products mentioned above are not available in UK.

Vegans Can Use Most Herbalife Products Except for....

  • The same products lacto-ovo-vegetarians should avoid.
  • Snacks such as Creamy Chicken Soup Mix, Protein Bars, Protein Bar Deluxe, Beverage Mix, Protein Powder and Formula 1 Sport.

Note: Some products mentioned above are not available in UK.

So easy to follow, right? This vegetarian diet for weight loss will ensure vegans and those who want to go vegan a slimmer and healthier body!

Exercise to Lose More Weight

Along with a nutritious, well-balanced meal, vegetarians must perform a good exercise routine to lose weight fast.


Do you have questions or anything to share? Shoot us an e-mail!


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