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Which Workouts Burn the Most Calories?

Which Workouts Burn the Most Calories?

We always want to do more in less time. If we could have an extra hour or two a day, we can get more things done. While that may be a dream, boosting the calories you burn sans increasing the hours you spend in the gym isn’t – if you know what exercises burn the most calories.

How to Lose Weight by Exercise?

Being active is a crucial part of any weight loss programme. If we are active, our body uses more energy (calories) and when we burn more calories than we take in, we lose weight.

When combined with a healthy, well-balanced diet, one’s journey to weight loss is sure to be a success. This takes time. But what if you could turbo-charge your efforts of losing weight by doing exercises that burn the most calories?

Top 5 Calorie Burning Workouts

Here are the best exercises to lose weight fast that burn the most calories:

1. Aerobics

A fun, active and hassle-free exercise that burns a lot of calories. Abs, a firm sexy butt and cellulite-free thighs are a few benefits women will surely love!


2. Interval Training 

A workout doing any type of exercise at an uneven pace which allow you to fortify muscles and continue burning calories long after the exercise is over. If you walk, you can add some running bursts. If you run, add sprints and lunge-walking bursts. If you do aerobics, alternate with slower muscle-toning moves and plyometric jumps.

Interval Training

3. Kettlebell 

Kettlebell burns the most calories (more than running) in the shortest amount of time. It also combines cardio with weightlifting which gives you the most bang for your time invested.



4. Strength Training or Resistance 

Include weights in your exercise routines as this will give you a leaner, more shapely and youthful look. Start with a set of 3, 5 and 8 pound dumbbells. This helps you build muscles which helps you burn more calories, drop more fat and improve metabolism.

Strength Training

5. Plyometrics 

You can try this exercise if you’re an intermediate or advanced exerciser. The high-intensity exercises will get your heart pumping which leads to a higher amount of calories burned.



How Much Calories Does Each Exercise Burn? 

Here is a table showing the estimated amount of calories burned in exercise while doing various calorie-burning exercises for an hour. 


Time Saved, Not Wasted 

These calorie burning, short, intense workouts are very effective - contrary to popular belief. Brief intense bursts of exercise can boost the metabolism and burn calories very efficiently. A few short workouts a week can raise your heart rate and get your muscles pumping  to help you reach your fitness goal sans long hours of laborious exercise.

Effective Strategies for Burning More Calories during Exercise

  • Do Cardio First

If you want to increase your calorie burn, do cardio first before your workout routine. This is because doing cardio first increases  after burn which results to more calories burned.

  • Use Intervals

Working at a higher intensity enables you to burn more calories and fats during your workout and for several hours afterwards.

  • Take Out That Jump Rope

Just 10 minutes of jumping rope supplies the same fitness benefits as a 30-minute run.

  • Don’t Exercise When You’re Hungry

An empty stomach won’t help you burn more fat. You need energy if you want to work hard to lose more calories. Eat a light meal first before exercising.

  • Take A Nordic Walk

Nordic walking is a low-impact, full-body exercise that is gentle on the joints which uses walking poles (similar to ski poles) to boost effort. You exert force to the poles with each pace so you use your entire body with greater force letting you burn about 20% calories per hour while working more muscle groups, but without straining you.

Nordic Walk

Knowing what exercises burn the most calories will help you lose weight faster. Go ahead and start trying them out. We promise you’ll notice results immediately!

If you've tried any of these workouts and still haven't got the results you want yet, check out  the 10 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight With Diet and Exercise!